Most of us like it when they do not know they are photographed,

putting you at ease is my goal.

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I'm a friendly guy, respectful of your emotions and ready to give my heart to you.

I'm a Turin Wedding Photographer and I find it particularly hard to write something about myself so I decided to put it into this short video. This has been a HUGE recognition from a jury of my peers for the work I did with my clients.

And here's the point:

Without them I wouldn't have been there. As I always say, it's a TEAMWORK. Having the privilege to be your wedding photographer is a big motivation to me and I'll give 110% for you.

Your smiles will always be my best award.

The moment you take a journey, what an act of faith.

Alan Watts

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It is a day of celebration, where everyone is open to others.

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I always like to imagine being at some strange ceremony on the other side of the world, I never find it boring but always stimulating and unique. Being able to capture such a unique moment in the life of a couple is both a privilege and a great responsibility, my clients entrust me with the memories that will accompany them for many years to come. It’s an incredible feeling. Many of the couple I’ve photographed are now good friends.

I truly believe in connections, I crossed my path with some amazing human being and when it happens it's no more only "work" but it becomes something deeper, we start sharing each other experiences, knowing each other better and we start to connect. That's the way I prefer to give my clients an amazing work.

That’s one of the most amazing privilege about being a wedding photographer.

Turin Wedding Photographer

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