Italian Worldwide Candid Emotional Wedding Engagement Photographer

Italian Worldwide Candid Emotional Wedding Engagement Photographer

I’m your italian Wedding and Engagement Photographer. I’m available worldwide and I will give my heart to you to make themost beautiful emotional candid photos

I am an Italian wedding photographer based in Turin, Italy. I was named the best wedding photographer in Europe by Way Up North in 2021. I have also been featured by various publications and websites, such as Fearless Photographers, Junebug Weddings, The Knot and Rock My Wedding. I am a professional photographer who has been in the industry for over 10 years and has experience working internationally. According to my point of view, photography is always a teamwork with my clients. I cannot do my work well without their emotions. I am a friendly guy who respects the emotions and feelings of newlyweds and couples. I am always ready to give them my heart, and I am always willing to make my clients feel comfortable and happy.
I am also an avid traveler and a lover of people. I have worked and work with clients from different countries and cultures. According to my point of view photography is a way to connect with people and capture their emotions, traditions and mindsets. In my business as a professional wedding photographer, I offer a variety of services and packages, depending on your needs and preferences. I can shoot weddings, elopements, engagements, portraits and family sessions, both in Italy and abroad. I also make albums, prints, slideshows and online galleries for my clients to preserve their memories.

With my documentary style of wedding photography, I tell the story of the wedding day in a natural, spontaneous and truthful way, without interfering with the events or the emotions of the bride and groom and the guests. In my work I act as a discreet and silent observer, capturing scenes, details and atmospheres as they appear before the lens, without resorting to forced poses, invasive flashes or excessive post-production interventions. The result is a photographic reportage that tells a story made up of authentic, emotional and meaningful moments that reflect the personality and style of the bride and groom.

The bride and groom interested in this type of photo shoot for their wedding are those who wish to have a faithful and real memory of their most beautiful day, without sacrificing the quality and aesthetics of the images. They are newlyweds who appreciate spontaneity, naturalness and simplicity, and who want to rely on the professionalism and talent of the photographer, without feeling constrained or embarrassed in front of the camera. They are newlyweds who seek to experience their wedding with serenity and joy, and who want their photographs to be able to convey the emotions and feelings they felt on that special day.

Finally, in addition to my profession as a wedding photographer, I conduct workshops and photography classes for aspiring photographers who want to learn from my creative style and sharing vision. I do photo shoots for portraits, families, couples and events, both in Italy and abroad. I collaborate with magazines and blogs specializing in photography and weddings. I participate in conferences and awards dedicated to wedding photography, where I compare myself with other professionals in the field. I love to travel the world to discover new cultures, traditions and mentalities, which can inspire and enrich my photography.


Francesca C., who got married on 15/07/2023, wrote: Saying thank you is reductive, Fabio was great! The choice of the photographer is really important, because some shots capture sensations, emotions, memories that can be relived forever. Thank you very much Fabio because together we had fun, moved and you with your professionalism, delicacy and sympathy managed to create wonderful memories and enter our hearts and those of our guests.
Simona S., who got married on 17/06/2023, wrote: Fabio is an excellent photographer, he has great and very original ideas! He manages to capture the expressions and the most beautiful moments making everything spontaneous and exciting. Plus he is a helpful and friendly person. Elles, who left a testimonial on his website, wrote: They are simply perfect. Thank you for your kindness, your benevolence, your listening, your professionalism but above all YOUR TALENT. Fabio was my calm in the storm and he acted perfectly behind the scenes. He captured the life and energy of the day like I can’t even begin to describe.
Giulia B. wrote: Fabio was our photographer for the wedding and we couldn’t have made a better choice. Besides being an exceptional professional, he is a nice, cheerful and helpful person. He was able to capture every moment of the day with discretion and sensitivity, giving us beautiful and natural photos. We recommend him to all the couples who want to have an unforgettable memory of their most beautiful day.
Elisa M. wrote: Fabio is a fantastic photographer, capable of conveying emotions through his images. He was able to tell our story with a unique and original style, without ever being intrusive or artificial. He made us feel comfortable and made us have fun. The result was a wonderful album, which makes us relive every time the feelings of that day. Thank you Fabio for your work and your passion.
Martina R. wrote: Fabio is an exceptional photographer, not only for the quality of his photos, but also for his ability to connect with the bride and groom and their guests. He was able to capture the most beautiful and meaningful moments of our wedding, with spontaneity and creativity. His photos are true works of art, that make us emotional every time we look at them. Fabio is also a kind, nice and professional person, who followed us with care and attention in every phase. We highly recommend him to everyone!

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