Most of us like it when they do not know they are photographed,
putting you at ease and entertaining you are my goals.


I find particularly hard to write something about myself, I strongly prefer human contact, looking into each other’s eyes and exchanging a smile. I’m a curious person. Traveling and meeting new people are many of my greatest passions … I was lucky enough to roam the world and I think it was a privilege to have done it. I have known different cultures, traditions and mentalities and this has pushed me to start taking pictures of people more than places; I think that’s why I approached wedding photography.

It is a day of celebration, where everyone is open to others. I always like to imagine being at some strange ceremony on the other side of the world, I never find it boring but always stimulating and unique. Being able to capture such a unique moment in the life of a couple is both a privilege and a great responsibility, my clients entrust me with the memories that will accompany them for many years to come. It’s an incredible feeling. Many of the couple I’ve photographed are now good friends; that’s one of the most amazing priviledge about being a wedding photographer.


Flothemes – Portfolio-22


On such a special day, having you so close, smiling, affable and professional was really beautiful. Thank you for participating in everything to our wedding!

Flothemes – Portfolio-19


Hi photographer! only words from the heart! Thank you for this great "experience"; it is not just about making and receiving photographs. The experience of re-experince so intensely unforgettable moments is indescribable. Thanks for your sympathy and your magnanimity! Thank you for the care and the passion that your (and our) images emanate. Thank you for making indelible one day that will always remain in our hearts.

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GRAZIE FABIO! For us you have been much more than a photographer, you played the role of a fun companion along many months, and you have been a true friend that understood us, captured the essence of so many moments, and become a part of our community during our “BIG DAY”! Keep up your “flying high” and we wish you all the best!



Before the wedding

How can I make a reservation?

Just go on "CONTACTS" section. You can find it in the menu. There you'll find all the info you need

How long is it recommended to book?

Keep in mind that the weekends during the spring-summer season are not so much, so if you already know the date and you want to me as a photographer, I suggest you contact me as soon as possible.

Do you make video?

I use professional collaborators to give you the opportunity to choose the one you like best.

Durante the wedding

Do you work alone or with collaborators?

I work with several collaborators that I trust and work with for a long time. During every wedding we are always in pairs to have more coverage on everything that happens around you. Four eyes are better than two!

What if it rains?

Rain has always been the number 1 fear of the couple. I can tell you that there is nothing to fear, indeed! Surely it is a bit 'more inconvenient, but the difference is how you react! It will also give you the possibility of even more scenic and special photos! Do not be afraid.

What if you have troubles with your equipment?

I use to shoot two cameras and different lenses in order to prevent this kind of unexpected. Furthermore, every picture taken has a back copy on another card. So you just think about having fun, you can count on me for your images.

How do you manage extra hours?

A wedding usually lasts 12/13 hours, but in some cases it is required to stay for longer. In that case we talk in order to find the best solution.

After the wedding

Delivery time

As stated by contract, a maximum of 6 month will pass from the date of the marriage to the delivey deadline but I have attested that 2/3 months would be enough (it mainly depends on the season).

Rights and the delivery of Raw files?

You can use the photos how you want, in the case of posts on social networks I would ask you to tag the page. The photographs are always delivered in HD and without watermark. RAWs are usually not delivered.

Back up?

Don't worry about that! I make several backups of your pics.

For any other question, or in the case you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact me