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Documentary Style Photographer for Wedding in italy Fabio Miglio
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I’m Documentary Style Wedding Photographer in Italy. I'm a friendly guy, respectful of your emotions and ready to costumize yourmariage photoshoot.

Fabio Miglio is an Italian Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Torino, Piemonte, Italia. He has been named Europe’s Best Wedding Photographer by Way Up North in 2021. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field and has worked with clients from around the world. He believes that wedding photography is a team effort between him and his clients and that he cannot exist as a photographer without their emotions. He is a friendly guy, respectful of his clients’ emotions and ready to give his heart to them.

Fabio Miglio can travel anywhere in Europe to photograph your special day. He loves to work with couples who are passionate, adventurous, and emotional. He wants to be more than just a photographer, he wants to connect with you and be a partner in your journey.

Fabio can offer you different kind of wedding photography services, depending on what you are looking for. If you want to elope with your partner and have a romantic getaway, he can join you and take stunning photos of you in places like the Dolomites, Madeira, or Iceland. If you want to have a traditional wedding with your family and friends, he can document every moment of your day, from the getting ready to the party. He can also make you look amazing in portraits in places like Rome. If you want to celebrate your engagement or anniversary, he can create fun and creative photos of you in places like Ibiza, Lake Como, or Nice.

Fabio Miglio’s wedding photography services are not only about taking photos, but also about giving you a great experience. He will talk to you before the wedding to get to know you and your expectations. He will customize his service to suit your needs and preferences. He will edit your photos professionally and deliver them to you in a private online gallery. He will also print some of the best photos on fine art paper and send them to you in a handmade wooden box. He will make a slideshow with music and video clips of your wedding day. He will design and craft a wedding album for you. And he will not charge you extra for traveling within Europe.

Fabio Miglio’s photography style is natural and candid, with a touch of creativity and romance. He likes to capture the real emotions and personalities of the couples and their guests, without posing or directing them too much. He uses natural light and colors to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in his photos. He also likes to experiment with different angles and perspectives, to create stunning and original portraits. He is inspired by the beauty of nature and the diversity of cultures, and he tries to reflect that in his work. He is not afraid to travel and explore new places, and he always looks for the best locations and moments to photograph his clients. He is a storyteller, who wants to create a unique and memorable visual narrative of each wedding day. You can see some examples of his photography style on his website1 or on his Fearless Photographers profile.

Eloping on the sea, Italy

Eloping on the sea, Italy

English Wedding in San Galgano, Tuscany

English Wedding in San Galgano, Tuscany

Editorial Inspirational at Villa Cimena, Italy

Editorial Inspirational at Villa Cimena, Italy

Getting married on the Italian Alps

Getting married on the Italian Alps

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I truly
believe in

I’ve crossed my path with some amazing human beings and when it happens it's not only "work" anymore, it becomes something deeper, we start sharing our experiences, knowing each other better and we start to connect. That's the way I prefer to give my clients an amazing work.

It’s one of the most amazing privilege about being a wedding photographer.

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